How the 2018 BWR Weekend Went Down

You know how it seems like "Christmas time" comes around sooner each year? Stores start selling decorations and Black Friday ads start popping up way too soon. Well this year the Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) couldn't come soon enough. And it did when on Friday morning cyclists gathered at Campagnolo North America to join friends of Eliel Factory Team for an early roll down to Torrey Pines and back for a new type of cycling event. One that involves bikes and breakfast burritos, yes it was the Breakfast Burrito Ride (BBR)

BBR t-shirts were sold with all proceeds going to the Pablove Foundation.

Brandt Furgerson of Eliel Cycling and friends enjoying some of that BBR good good.

With a few hours still left in the workday people scattered and planned to reconnect at the BWR Expo, a 2-day event held at Canyon HQ.  On Friday Evening and again on Saturday participants gathered their registration packets, connected with other riders and browsed the multitude of tents from IRC Tires to Competitive Cyclist 

Marc Chilcote, an Eliel Factory Team rider, rethinking his use of a Focus Ravan MTB on race day.

The Canyon US Showroom is one of only 2 in the world where riders enjoyed browsing the German engineered bicycles during the weekend's expo.

Neil, at the Tropical Edge tent advising a local Coureur rider, is thinking he really should have picked up one of those Gravelstoke hats over at the GUP tent.

Peter Nicholson checks in with MMX before his long awaited course reveal.

A memorable moment from Saturday was learning from course designer and race organizer Michael Marckx what 130+ mile punishment he had in store for riders.

After an evening of cheer and trepidation, we woke the next morning and headed to the start. Riders fueled up on waffles and prepared for the day. Just past 7AM the race was off, and after 3 or 4 waves we began the journey that would end up taking between 6h34m to 12h49m for the full Waffle. Wafer times ranged from 3h58m to 10h00m.

Our friend Dave Mas, looked rough in the AM but finished the Waffle strong that day. The BWR provides Dave a solid base as he prepares for Leadville.

Tricky sections awaited racers, in some cases not knowing what lies beneath.

Jake Mclaughlin and Katie Araujo, both riding Canyons, are 2 of our stronger North County cyclists.

Rawley Macias of Rouleur Brewing leveled up from the Wafer to the Waffle just days before the event, he chose wisely and finished strong.

As the day went on waferers had their fair share of suffering, and wafflers grinded on. 

Jon Hornbeck brings his own unique style to gravel, and we dig it. #spndx

Ryan Steers and Spencer Powlison hold onto the wheel of Jake Wells, who ended up finishing in the top 20 of the Waffle.

This guy takes gravel way too seriously, wait that's actually not possible.

Larissa Connors couldn't stop smiling on Sunday, we're pretty sure that's her secret to winning among a strong field of women.

Ted King ultimately finished runner up in a super strong showing for the day. #untapped

Stephen Fitzgerald and Nik from Rodeo Adventure Labs joined us from Denver, Colorado. They both loved the cold Cokes available at many aid stations that day. #coketrain

Richard Verney giving Larissa Conners a much earned high five after her repeat victory.

Steve Driscoll, Phil Tinstman and Tom Kattus all stoked after another successful BWR.

At the end of the day it was a bunch of guys and girls with bikes on dirt... welcome to the future.

PC: Jake Orness and Topher Riley

Looking for a proper roundup of the race results? We recommend reading the solid write up by Spencer Powlison at Velonews here.

And the man to thank behind this amazing photography, Jake Orness. #pinnedgrit