Camp Cups of the West

We are a proud affiliate partner of MiiR. MiiR is a Seattle based company that created thoughtful, beautifully designed and sustainable products. Best of all, they donate 3% of revenue to projects that help people around the world and our planet. They have created these special edition camp cups inspired by some pretty cool places, like San Diego. :) Enjoy!  

The Spirit of the #Festive500

Our #Festive500 entry may be somewhat unique. While we tried, we found it difficult to capture our inspiration from the event with just one letter, set of photos or a journal entry.  Rather, we wanted to create something that would last. Something that would live on past Dec 31st, and capture the spirit of the event for the weeks and months to come. For us, the #Festive500 represents a challenge, pushing beyond your limits, community and appreciation for the things that matter most. After 8 days of suffering on road, dirt, with friends and solo, on Jan 1, 2018 we began a new journey. Gravelstoke was born. 

The idea was to create a community of like-minded cyclists. For those who choose dirt, have an appreciation for durable, high-quality goods and a common love for the outdoors.  Furthermore, we partnered with our local trail advocacy organization, SDMBA, to share this spirit with others and educate fellow cyclists on the importance of sustainable trail initiatives through weekly gravel rides in North County San Diego.

We are excited to see what the future holds and appreciate the strong inspiration that came from the Rapha Festive 500. 

For more information visit our About page here, and be sure to follow along on our journey here.


Serk Cycling Ti Adventure

April of last year I was in Beijing for work. Looking to avoid the standard tourist traps, I went hunting for a bike shop and discovered a pretty special one just a few blocks North. Not just any bike shop, this one was named in CyclingTips "Ten of the world's coolest bike shops" list. Checking with my colleague she was up for the trip, we grabbed some public rental bikes and made our 6 mile journey from the Forbidden City to Serk. 

Serk Cycling was the creation of Shannon Bufton, an Aussie expat, and Beijinger Liman Zhao. They have played a key role in creating the cycling culture in Beijing that exists today; from providing strategic advice on Chinese cycling to numerous UCI Pro teams to being a founding partner of Smarter Than Car, China's first cycling advocacy group.

I met up with Shannon for a quick shop tour, and was quickly impressed. I discovered his talents also include designing titanium bikes and carbon wheels. The Titanium Road bike was sweet, but the Ti Adventure bike he was finalizing was on another level. Enjoy...

Serk Ti Adventure

I was curious what brought him to Beijing and if he intended to stay. He told me the riding there was some of the best in the world, and by the looks of his bikes and the epic adventure rides that Serk is organizing I couldn't argue. If you are ever in Beijing, give Serk a visit. Better yet, join them for a weekend ride.

Photos: Shannon Bufton, Serk Cycling

Shannon showed me around the shop and at the time he was still putting the final touches on the Ti Adventure. 

Shannon showed me around the shop and at the time he was still putting the final touches on the Ti Adventure. 

With Shannon outside the Shop, unfortunately he didn't have any Serk swag at the time, but I managed to grab a UCI Tour of Beijing water bottle.

With Shannon outside the Shop, unfortunately he didn't have any Serk swag at the time, but I managed to grab a UCI Tour of Beijing water bottle.

Camp Cup for CA Relief

If we had to recommend one mug, this would be it. Miir has teamed up with RAKlife in wake of the Thomas Fires to sell this CA / first responder mug. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds go to RAKlife to bring much needed support and relief to victims of the recent mudslides and flooding in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.

Miir, with its Seattle based team and B Corp status, has done some very cool things over the years. With a focus on functional products with great design, we encourage you to check out their shop that includes everything from water bottles & growlers, to bags & bikes (yes they even make bikes). Miir gives 3% of revenue to organizations with sustainable methods of empowerment.

Miir has launched this fantastic campaign to support our California friends via RAKlife, an organization based in Ventura, that is on the ground bringing relief to those most affected.

For More information on how to get your Miir Camp Cup for CA Relief go here.

Our mission is to create a movement by Random Acts of Kindness to help the unexpecting and less fortunate around the world. We believe a little philanthropy goes a long way. We are dedicated to developing a global culture that incorporates random acts of kindness into daily life. Through our actions, we will raise awareness for a multitude of issues around the world, contribute to their remediation, and create a sustainable improvement where possible.
— RAKlife

Miir Flagship store in Seattle WA

SDMBA x Gravelstoke Rides


We are excited to announce Gravelstoke's collaboration with San Diego Mountain Bike Association (SDMBA) on a series of Gravel Rides in North County San Diego. As trail users we can appreciate challenges and opportunities faced in protecting and promoting bike access in San Diego County, and we are thrilled to have this partnership that brings more visibility to SDMBA's work and connections to the gravel cycling community.

Our first Gravel Ride was on Sunday Morning January 7, with an outstanding route that included Rancho Sante Fe, Elfin Forest, San Elijo Hills and Rancho La Costa Preserve areas. Rides will typically range from 30-40 miles with 3000-4000 feet of elevation, exploring North County's finest gravel paths, singletrack and fire roads.

Upcoming events can be seen on our Rides page here. All SDMBA x Gravelstoke Rides will be published on the SDMBA Meetup.

SDMBA envisions San Diego County as a home and destination with a rich network of sustainable trails and bike parks providing mountain bikers and other non-motorized trail users with recreational, athletic, and educational opportunities.