3 Things I Learned from Gordon Yeager

When we first moved from Newbury Park to North County San Diego in 2012 I was impressed by the multitude of well designed kits on the road. Swamis, Wolf Pack, Celo, Ranchos... but for me, one series of kits stood apart from the rest. Those would be branded with the name Velo Hangar.  "What is that?" I thought. "Is it a club, bike shop, bike parking garage?" I soon learned this was the creation of Gordon Yeager, a talented entrepreneur and wrench located in Solana Beach. With a few of my friends being loyal customers and a fresh, minimal design I was a quick fan.

I recently dropped by the new location in downtown Carlsbad just off State Street to pay Gordon a visit. The location has a sweet vibe, with a pottery studio and Steady State Coffee next store there is an appealing artist community look and feel.

While there we chatted about some Marin gravel bikes he recently built up, his limited selection of go-to products and a team party at Rouleur later that evening. After conversing and watching Gordon work some magic with a bike's internal handlebar cable routing, it turns out he taught me a few things...

1. Keep it Simple

Velo Hangar is a space that has everything he needs, and nothing he doesn’t. Gordon features a carefully curated selection of Muc-Off products, WTB tires, Enduro-Bites bars, Skratch product and his branded VH soft goods among other things. With the container sized shop he isn’t forced to fill it with expensive or unnecessary inventory, an approach we appreciate. 

2. People are Good

Except when their not. What’s important is how you respond to challenges in life and career. Velo Hangar is a story of passion, dedication and success. When you inspire and support, it brings out the best in people. It's rad to see the cycling community in San Diego support one another, and Velo Hangar is no exception.

3. Quality is Key

Wheather its a product you're selling, a service you provide or the disposition you hold, staying true to your values and not compromising on quality will go a long way with your friends and customers.

velohanger logo.jpeg

We encourage you to stop by his shop when you get a chance, buy some product, get a tune and check out his branded goods next time you’re in the area. He may even teach you a thing or two.