Deux North - Hunt 7

Back at it again, the crew from Deux North took another wild adventure and captured some incredible moments in their latest film, HUNT 7. Watch their 300 mile journey from Los Angeles to the US-Mexico border and back in 24 hours.

Cycling is more headspace than strength as well as endurance. Cycling isn’t about one rider but the group. Cycling is about emotion. Cycling is about new roads, new friends and in many ways, a new family.
— Dave Ambrose
I had never been to the border so for me standing so close & seeing people on the other side doing normal people shit kind of shocked me. A family at the beach enjoying their day. I could see them through this fence but I couldn’t talk to them or touch them. Maybe that’s normal for some people but it was something to me. It’s just another human over there. Looking at me as I was looking at them.
— Dakota Watkins

Here at Gravelstoke we were happy to support the riders with a small aid station at the top of Torrey Pines on their way to the border. Here are a few photos we took that day…

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