The THESIS OB1 Gravel Bike

A new gravel bike brand has emerged, one you may not have heard of yet. It's called THESIS, founded by Alice S. Liu and Randall R. Jacobs.

Their question... "What bike should I get?" We've all heard it, and increasingly it seems like the gravel bike could be a great option for lots of new and experienced riders. The dream behind THESIS? "Build a dream bike for every road at an accessible price."

What this meant to the founders:

  • An bicycle that’s a blast to ride on every kind of road
  • Every last component, right down to the bearings and bolts, selected for performance, durability, and serviceability
  • Skipping all the middlemen and working directly with top manufacturers

Their dream has become a reality with the all new THESIS OB1.

The OB1’s sleek road bike design hides clearance for fat gravel tires and mounting points for racks, fenders, extra bottles, and bags. It’s the dream bike you’d build for yourself if you had direct access to the top factories behind the world’s leading brands. And it travels right from the factory to your doorstep, skipping all the middlemen to bring you an unheard-of price.

Looking to learn more? Our friend Craig at The Gravel Ride sat down with Randall Jacobs, Co-Founder of THESIS Bike to talk about the development process and vision for the OB1 bicycle. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments below on this new gravel offering.

Check out the link below for more information on the OB1.