At Gravelstoke we have an appreciation for the outdoors, adventure and community. We exist to connect riders, support trail advocacy and create an innovative platform for the cycling community. Collaboration is a big part of who we are, and we seek opportunities to support and partner with like-minded brands and organizations.


As trail users we can appreciate challenges and opportunities faced in protecting and promoting bike access around the country and in our backyard. In an effort to bridge connections between advocacy efforts and the cycling community, we are thrilled to partner with the San Diego Mountain Bike Association (SDMBA). For 2018 we are donating a percentage of all proceeds to SDMBA, and partner with them on rides and events.

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We've partnered with Worldwide Cyclery, Competitive Cyclist, REI and Eliel Cycling as official retailers of Gravelstoke. Every dollar spent through these links goes towards creating more content and inspiration you love. Thanks for your support!

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