The Courses

While Hunt of the North is intended to be a true, create-your-own-adventure challenge, we do offer three optional courses that you can download to a GPS computer, or follow along on one of our hosted rides that will each be led by a ride leader and sweeper. These courses are crafted to hit each of the Hunt checkpoints and welcome riders of all abilities. Courses are not marked, and we will have at least one centrally located aid station.

As we only share routes to participants the week of the event, the courses are not yet posted. However, to give you some idea of the event, we share below the three routes from our 2018 event below.

Extreme Stoke Course

Course Details: Between 50-60 miles, 5000 ft elevation, 60% dirt

Don’t let the mileage fool you, as this will feel more like you’re choking down a waffle than snacking on a wafer. This is the most challenging 4 hour grind you may ever experience! Just ask 2 time BWR champion Larissa Conners, who was the only rider to completely finish the course in 2018. Steep gradients, gnarly roots, technical singletrack and multiple water crossings will welcome those who dare to take on the extreme stoke course. Crafted only for the strongest of riders who can complete it in 4 hours, as this would be an all day sufferfest for most mortals.

Super Stoke Course

Course Details: Between 40-45 miles, 4000 ft elevation, 50% dirt

Our Super Stoke Course resembles what a typical Gravelstoke weekend ride might entail, with around 40-45 miles and lots of difficult terrain to cover.

mellow stoke course

Course Details: Between 30-40 miles, 3500 ft elevation, 40% dirt

Our Mellow Stoke route will be crafted for those who want to hit all checkpoints, but keeps things chill with less than 50% dirt and mileage around 35 miles.

All riders must return to the Canyon Showroom by 12:30PM to be eligible for the raffle, and to enjoy our event party. Only take on a course you can complete in 4 hours or less!