Why Your Strava Maps Now Look Way Cooler

If you’re an avid Strava user like we are, you probably noticed something looks a bit different on your latest upload. Scrolling through your activity feed those static maps look a little bit crisper with some welcome new details since yesterday evening. This is all because of their latest update in partnership with Mapbox. The mapping software now focuses on things that cyclists care about like topography and trail names over traditionally auto-oriented details. GPS tracks are also looking cleaner with some algorithm enhancements that allow for smoother lines.

In other words the map redesign provides a more accurate reflection of an athlete’s journey, bringing the viewer closer to the story by keeping only the most essential elements and highlighting terrain.

We are thrilled to share this significant upgrade with our members, with more terrain detail and improved accuracy and aesthetics for how GPS tracks appear. Mapbox is a mapping leader, and we’re excited about the athlete-optimized map that our two teams created for the global Strava community.
— James Quarles, Strava CEO

We’re digging the new look! Let us know in the comments below what you think of the latest Strava maps update.