Introducing Gravelstoke Merino Wool Socks


We take socks very seriously, and we’re pretty sure you do too. The question has come up several times “when are you making socks?” We’ve even been approached by several brands with offers to help with design and production. Part of the delay has been the lack of time, but more importantly this was a product we wanted to do right. Create a sock we could be proud to wear and sell, and that day has come.

The Product

We decided to go with Merino Wool for the material, as we find these to perform the best for comfort, durability and overall quality. We use an extra fine micron count wool with the natural ability for temperature regulation, moisture control and bacteria resistance. With additional features including a reinforced heel/toe and arch support, these socks will give you the extra durability you need. We are also proud to have our socks Made in the USA.


  • 6-inch cuff height

  • Reinforced heel / toe

  • Arch support

  • 55% Merino Wool / 40% Nylon / 5% Lycra

  • Normal thickness

  • Made in the USA


  • XS - Mens 3-6 / Womens 5-8

  • S/M - Mens 6-10 / Womens 8-12

  • L/XL - Mens 10-14 / Womens 12+

Gravelstoke Merino Wool Sock
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