The New ENVE G Series

Coming straight out of Ogden, ENVE has announced their first Gravel+CX specific wheelset, the G Series. Fully embracing Gravel, ENVE has created their first carbon specific gravel wheels for all to enjoy.

The G Series just debuted at DK200 with two of these purpose built wheelsets named the G23 (700c) and G27 (650b).  We’ve learned that with the G Series, ENVE had specific design objectives around weight (for efficiency and speed), optimized rim widths (for specific tire volumes), tubeless construction, durability and ride quality.

The G23 is a 700c rim that features an internal rim width of 23mm. This wheelset is optimized for tires between 35 and 45mm, for riders looking for a versatile and fast setup. ENVE sees the sweet spot as the G23 paired with a 40mm tire.

The G27 is a 650b rim that features an internal rim width of 27mm, optimized for tires between 2.0 and 2.25 inches. If you're frequently visiting rough / loose terrain, or primarily ride dirt, the G27 may be the better option. Traction and stability are a priority for those who opt for 650b wheels.

G23 = 700c x 23mm Internal Rim Width x 35-45mm tires

G27 = 650b x 27mm Internal Rim Width x 2.0”-2.25” tires

Clearly the preference for gravel bikes will be tubeless set-ups, as they bring a variety of benefits for all riders including fewer flats and improved traction. And while we haven't ridden these wheels yet, given ENVE's experience around building carbon tubeless wheels we'll be interested to see how they me meet the demands of riders.

PC: Ian Matteson

The G Series is available now and shipping to North America customers. Global shipments and availability will commence in early July.