Gravelstoke Purist Water Bottles

Sims Kelly x Gravelstoke

We created our very first run of Purist Water Bottles, inspired by the coming summer months, to keep you hydrated and looking sharp. We collaborated with local surfer, artist and industrial designer Sims Kelly to bring you appealing hydration from every angle. Available in matching pairs, shipping worldwide.

$20 A PAIR for the following color/size combinations:

  • Turquoise and Grey in 26oz tall

  • Orange and Teal in a 22oz shorty

Gravelstoke Purist 26 oz in Turqouise and Grey

Gravelstoke Purist 22 oz in Orange and Teal

For the first 20 orders we'll throw in a free Gravelstoke vinyl die cut sticker. For those in North County use code LOCAL_PICKUP to avoid shipping.

Enjoy Gravelstoke Bottles 22oz
15.00 20.00
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