Registration Opens for the 2019 Rock Cobbler

2019 Rock Cobbler

Event date - Feb 9, 2019

The World Famous Rock Cobbler is a stupidly hard ride bordering on a race. The Pebbler is less stupidly hard but still a true challenge. SamBarn Promotions are passionate and driven to showcase roads, dirt trails, gravel and a VERY challenging route not yet ridden, not yet tamed.

The Cobbler will be roughly 85-95ish miles and 6800ft+ - of elevation consisting of county asphalt roads, trails, private land, a river, a creek and a brewery.

The Pebbler will be 50ish miles and roughly 4000ft+ - of elevation. As is tradition the final routes are announced the week of the event. Both will be very hard but will be very fun, in a very Bakersfield Way.

The rides are designed for a cross/gravel bike with a file tread 700x34-38mm tire. A mountain bike will work. Don’t be stupid and bring a road bike. NO AERO BARS. You might do pushups, throw water balloons, laugh, cry, suck your thumb, meet Tacoman, ride thru a church and or swim…but you WILL hike with your bike and enjoy cussing us. More than once.

Photos by Ben Popper

There are no categories, but each first male and female finisher of each ride will receive an extra special prize.

  • Further details, developments, the final route, news and info will be sent to registered riders only!

  • The Cobbler is very hard. You will need to make it to the final SAG stop by 4:30pm or we reserve the right to sag you in

  • This is not a sanctioned race. It IS a hard ride.  

  • Your entry includes:

    • THE SPECIAL GIFT - Event support, T shirt, Raffle, Fun Swag, Great Music, Breakfast Saturday, Lunch Saturday, Amazing Food, Beer, Coffee, Twinkies and Shenanigans galore!

    • Cobbler entry fee is $140. Pebbler entry fee is $130. Total rider count is limited to 250 Cobblers and 100 Pebblers.

The Location