Develop: To create or produce especially by deliberate effort over time; to make active or promote the growth of.

The Gravelstoke Development Team is an active community of cyclists with a passion for exploration, camaraderie and doing good. The first of its kind, we collectively seek to foster an inclusive experience with curated benefits for the gravel cyclist.


Images: Topher Riley

2019 Development Team Member Benefits


  • Invitation to pre-order 2019 Gravelstoke cycling kits at a 30% discount quarterly (must purchase full kit to receive all benefits)

  • Regular partnerships with innovative brands

  • Discounts on partner bikes, gear, equipment & nutrition

  • All Gravelstoke soft goods at 20% discount year-round

  • Exclusive Team jersey (Spring 2019) only available to members

Events & Experiences

  • Invitation to closed, team events including the Great Western Reroute in March 2019

  • Priority access and discounts to Gravelstoke events like Hunt of the North in June 2019

  • Invitation to join team trips to premier gravel events across the country, including Rock Cobbler, SBT GRVL and a TBD East Coast event.

  • Opportunity to support or lead Gravelstoke rides


  • Invitation to team trips and destination events

  • Priority access to select product launches

  • Annual end of season rides and parties


Our Partners



If you desire to join a tribe of cyclists that seek adventure, friendship and well-being we invite you to join us.