Develop: To create or produce especially by deliberate effort over time; to make active or promote the growth of.

The Gravelstoke Development Team is an active community of cyclists with a passion for exploration, camaraderie and doing good. The first of its kind, we collectively seek to foster an inclusive experience with curated benefits for the gravel cyclist.

Launched in early 2019, the team consists of over 150 riders from across the US, including over 30 women. We support one another through active communication on various social platforms and connect in person at team trips throughout the year. The complete list of member benefits can be found below.


2019 Development Team Member Benefits


  • Invitation to pre-order 2019 Gravelstoke cycling kits at a 30% discount quarterly

  • Regular partnerships with innovative brands

  • Discounts on partner bikes, gear, equipment & nutrition

  • All Gravelstoke soft goods at 20% discount year-round

  • Invitation to pre-order Exclusive Team jersey (Spring 2019)

Events & Experiences

  • Invitation to closed, team events including the Great Western Reroute

  • Priority access and discounts to Gravelstoke events like Hunt of the North in June 2019

  • Invitation to join team trips to premier gravel events across the country, including Rock Cobbler, SBT GRVL and a TBD East Coast event.

  • Opportunity to support or lead Gravelstoke rides


  • Connection through multiple online private group sites

  • Invitation to team trips and destination events

  • Priority access to select product launches

  • Annual end of season rides and parties


Our Partners



If you desire to join a tribe of cyclists that seek adventure, friendship and well-being we invite you to join us. We will be accepting an additional 12 riders as part of our Spring 2019 class. To be considered, you must first apply via the link below. Membership cost is $100 and is good for 1 year.


Images: Chris Cox

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