Purist bottles


Shipping worldwide. sold individually.


Now sold individually, we have just a handful of these custom Purist Water Bottles left. Designed in collaboration with local surfer, artist and industrial designer Sims Kelly to bring you appealing hydration from every angle. Shipping worldwide.


  • MoFlo lockable mouthpiece.

  • Purist technology for a natural internal shield

colors & sizing

  • Turquoise/Grey 26oz

  • Orange/Teal in 22oz

  • Tide/Blue in 22oz

  • Black/Blue in 26oz

 Laguna Mountain is just over an hour away from most parts of San Diego County where visitors can hit some incredible singletrack, explore backcountry roads and hike the PCT all in a day.

A great compliment to any gravel bike. PC: Tony Brand

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