Top Eight Gravel Bikes from Utah Builders Summit

Earlier this month ENVE opened their doors for the annual Builders Summit Open House where some of the most revered custom frame builders displayed their latest works in Ogden, Utah.

Of the 20 custom bikes on display, 8 of them had some strong “gravel” characteristics including builds from Alchemy, Holland, Sage, Speedvagen, Allied, English, Falconer and Retrotec. In addition to the builders show, the event included ENVE factory tours and a preview of an all new gravel event, the Grodeo.

The handmade builders have been an integral part of ENVE’s success over the past 12 years and creating an event to celebrate their artistry and innovation had been a longtime goal. Held at ENVE’s headquarters, the event offered a unique opportunity to bring together ENVE’s builder partners with a consumer element.

All Photos courtesy of John Watson

Retrotec Gravel

Whoops I might of rode my show bike. @envecomposites had an open house over the weekend and @johnprolly got a chance to photograph all the bikes on display. Great weekend. 4 days of riding and talking shop with a good group of people. -Retrotec & Inglis Cycles

Sage Gravel Prototype

Speedvagen Step-Through

We want to thank ENVE for giving us the excuse to play and experiment. They threw one hell of an event. It’s shows like these where we get to try out ideas that have been in the back of our minds. We had a pretty simple goal here, build a commuter that could handle...whatever, with the best ride quality possible. Something you could be proud to ride to work every single day and if you want to cut out early, no matter where you take it, to have the confidence that you didn’t choose the wrong bike. - Speedvagen

Allied Able

English Endurance Road

Falconer Road

Alchemy Ronin

Holland Disc Gravel

Look for ENVE to release dates of the 2020 Builders Summit Open House and Grodeo gravel event later this year.

Complete list of bikes from the ENVE Builder Open House:

  • Mosaic RS-1 Road

  • Prova Speciale Disc Road

  • Retrotec Gravel

  • Holland Disc Gravel

  • Speedvagen Step-Through

  • Falconer Road

  • Sklar Sweet Spot

  • Pursuit Leadout Road

  • Salt Air 27.5 Hardtail

  • Sage Gravel Prototype

  • Sarto Seta Road

  • Alchemy Ronin

  • Bingham Built Disc Road

  • Allied Able

  • Argonaut Disc Road

  • Bastion Road

  • Moots Vamoots Disc RSL

  • Legor Cicli Road

  • English Endurance Road