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The Belgian Waffle ride has grown from a local event to one of the largest gravel races in the world. The 2019 edition featured a lot of firsts including two brand new winners, prize purses for the men’s and women’s races and even a larger prize purse for the women’s race. The race featured plenty of action from a few thousand people from all over the country. The race this year started in different heats and everyone had the personal goal of either finishing or achieving their best time.

We talked to some of the favorites to get their pre race predictions and also talked to the winners of the race as they reflected on a day that included 136 miles and over 10K feet of climbing. If you’ve done the race, come relive the memories and hear the conversations from the people that pushed themselves to their limit. If you’ve never done the Belgian Waffle Ride, consider this episode part of your training!

What we have in this episode:

  • Tyler Pearce AKA Vegan Cyclist talks about what he expects as he does BWR for the first time.

  • All of the pre race favorites talk about their plan to cover the race for the day.

  • Race announcer Jim Miller discusses how the race has evolved over the years.

  • We speak with winner’s Peter Stetina and Sarah Sturm on how they beat everyone to become champions of the Belgian Waffle Ride.