gravelstoke development team APPLICATION

Develop: To create or produce especially by deliberate effort over time; to make active or promote the growth of.

The Gravelstoke Development Team is an active community of cyclists with a passion for exploration, camaraderie and doing good. Created as the very first Gravelstoke ambassador team, we set out to support the riders who uphold the values and ethos of our brand.

The first of its kind, our mission with the Team is to collectively foster an inclusive experience with curated benefits for the gravel cyclist. Through unique experiences, strategic partnerships, team events and beneficial discounts we desire to create a team that will help shape the future of cycling.

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If you desire to join a tribe of cyclists that seek adventure, friendship and well-being we invite you to join us. To be considered, please complete the form below.

Name *
Tell us if you have any specific goals for 2019, such as events, races, epic rides, challenges or volunteering?
What does your current cycling community look like? Are you a member of any other teams or clubs?
What gravel bike do you currently own, and what gravel bike would you like to own?
Are you committed to being a safe and responsible cyclist who helps others and welcomes all riders regardless of ability or background?
And finally, let us know what being a member of the Gravelstoke Development Team means to you and how might you contribute to our community?